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Logistics, Transportation & Packaging PR

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The logistics, transportation and packaging sectors has the potential to appear in specialized media and to draw attention to the services it provides. The local, regional and interregional daily press is also a good place for advertising.

Targeted releases in carefully selected media outlets can not only contribute to a brand’s image, they can also win over new customers. As the German saying goes, „Constant dripping wears away the stone“: every detail can make an impact. Industrie-Contact has already worked for many customers from the logistics, transportation and packaging sector, but here we will be focusing on two examples: Vocollect and Werner Bruhns.

Vocollect: eyes-free and hands-free voice solutions for warehouse operations

Vocollect, recently acquired by US conglomerate company Honeywell, has made a name with its innovative voice technology, enabling operators working in warehouses that are not fully automated to take and perform pick-orders both eyes- and hands-free. Simple and efficient, and transformative for storage logistics.

Our job was to support Vocollect in all communication aspects in Germany for 12 years. This included classic press work  with specialized media (both horizontal and vertical) where the focus was on media from target sectors. Apart from that, we helped Vocollect create its German website. A website’s language must be perfect, and having worked for many years on translating logistics texts from English to German, we were more than up to the task. We produced fact-checked, carefully-worded writing – a far cry from the mediocre results obtained with Google Translate.

Live communication during trade shows, for example during the BVL German logistics congress, was one of our key jobs for Vocollect.

Last but not least, we coordinated Vocollect’s international communication with other PR agencies.

Working with Vocollect for over a decade has been a delight. The company has understood how to connect with its customers using PR, thus gaining awareness on the German market, where it was almost unknown beforehand.


Logistics, transport, storage: Werner Bruhns storage company

Werner Bruhns, located on the Hamburg port, specializes in modern, climate-stable warehousing of spices and dried fruit. All product groups are sorted in separate cooling or dry storage units on over 8000 pallet places. Customers from the trade and industry sector are both national and international.

Industrie-Contact developed a bilingual website (German and English) for the company. The website used a modern WordPress template and included responsive webdesign (meaning the website is adapted to desktop, tablet and smartphone use). The website was also optimized according to the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules – titles, headlines, text, image tags. A professional photo shooting was also organized since the old photos were no longer usable.

Flyers were created to draw more attention in daily exchanges with customers or in mailings. Since this sector is not so strongly impacted by the digitalisation of communication, print products such as flyers are always a good way to maintain the brand’s presence.

We also directed classic press work in the food sector, for example in food publications, to inform on the company’s acquisition of a sterilisation unit.

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