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E-Commerce & Digital Business PR

EulerHermes, HypoVereinsbank, Kroschke Onlineshop, Carsale24, Luis, Auto Fleet Control and Fluxx (previously named Jaxx) etc.

The Internet is revolutionizing trade. The German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bevh) is the national industry association for interactive trade. It currently has 500 companies, among which are mail-order businesses and Internet retailers, Internet pure players, teleshopping businesses, mail-order pharmacies, online-marketplace sellers and stationary trade businesses, as well as mail-order booksellers. We have also managed to develop a list of customers whose work focuses on finance, finance optimisation and protection from financial risks.

The Trade and E-commerce sector’s annual turnover in retail banking (solely in goods) amounts to over €50bn. Business with commercial customers is estimated at a minimum of €8bn. These numbers make it clear that consumers have had a long-standing relationship with e-commerce. No wonder, then, that new projects keep developing alongside giants like Amazon. Industrie-Contact has worked for many of them: Kroschke Onlineshop, Carsale24, Luis, Auto Fleet Control and Fluxx (previously named Jaxx). We’ve also had the opportunity to work with many different customers of the economics and finance sector. Our tasks range from internal communication, traditional press work and roadshows across Europe to creating classic print products.

Trade & E-commerce PR for the Automotive Sector also needs Classic Press Work

Online providers such as Kroschke Onlineshop, Carsale24, Luis or even Auto Fleet Control are all part of the automotive sector.

The products and services offered are very diverse: car number plates and accessories, fleet management, rear view cameras, risk and damage management. However, what they all have in common is that they their offers need advertising in leading media –be it end-consumer-oriented, special-interest or specialised titles– and via blogger and influencer relations. This is where we come in. Our decade-long experience means we know the media sector inside out.


E-Commerce PR for Lottery (“Lotto”) on the Internet

When Fluxx wanted to start an online lottery a few years back, it caused a huge uproar. German lottery companies were very unhappy with the idea and made every effort in their power to torpedo the project. Media interest only increased when Fluxx brought the first online lottery collection point, JAXX, on the market.

Industrie-Contact was first responsible for organizing the press conference and inviting big names. Journalists from influential German titles –Der Spiegel, Stern, Fokus, DPA, Hamburger Abendblatt and many more – attended, causing great media resonance. In the following years, Industrie-Contact has provided JAXX with classic press work and contributed to making online lottery games on the Internet part of the mainstream.


Classic Commercial PR for the Finnish-German Trade Guild in Hamburg

Aside from Internet-related providers, Industrie-Contact has supported the Hamburg Finnish-German Trade Guild for many years, promoting the economic collaboration and strengthening the friendship between Finland and the Hanseatic city. It all started with Industrie-Contact’s 7-year-long involvement with Finnair, which bloomed into a close relationship with the Hamburg Finnish community over the years. Industrie-Contact executive Uwe Schmidt has been part of the Guild’s management board for 3 years and co-organized many activities there.

Economics and Finance PR in all its diversity

For trade credit insurance company Euler Hermes, we organized an ambitious web project on loan-loss risk in international companies. We helped US company Access Revenues North America, which assists foreign companies in entering the US market –making more of a difference than any chamber of commerce – gain more recognition in Germany. Finally, German insurance consulting company Sariva mostly helps smaller businesses optimize their finances; we helped it gain the coverage it deserved. These few examples show how diverse our work in the economics and finance sector can be.


Live communication and roadshows across the country and in Europe

We provided counselling and helped organize meetings for the HypoVereinsbank; our focus was live communication with journalists.

We also had the opportunity to work with software consulting services agency CPU, which partners with banks, bank-related institutes, industry, IT and telecommunications companies and the public sector, always providing target-oriented and forward-thinking work. Our task was to increase CPU’s recognition in the specialized media with classic press work.


Classic print products

We created company brochures for the Conrad Hinrich Donner Bank and for regional development company LEG Berlin-Brandenburg. For Allianz Dresdner Asset Management, we organized roadshows for investors across Europe.

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