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Cordes, Hermanni & Co. (GmbH & Co.) KG

ICHTHYOL-GESELLSCHAFT is a family-owned pharmaceutical company based in Hamburg for more than 130 years.

Manufacture and distribution of high grade active pharmaceutical ingredients based on sulfonated shale oils of highest purity as e.g. dark and pale ICHTHYOL® are foundation of our corporate success. On account of its broad action profile it could be accomplished that the substance ICHTHYOL® belongs to the classics in treatment of skin disorders. It is included in many of our pharmaceutical products which based on their medically verified efficacy and good tolerance should be part of any medicine chest.

Main application fields of our preparations are treatment of skin disorders and orthopaedic diseases. Particularly for dermatologists we offer reliable and innovative bases for formulations.

On top of that further substances based on sulfonated shale oils are available as raw materials for human and veterinary medicine as well as cosmetics industry.

In its Hamburg headquarters ICHTHYOL-GESELLSCHAFT combines all important business functions as manufacture and control of finished pharmaceutical preparations, research and development, marketing and distribution.

Finished pharmaceutical preparations as well as numerous formulation bases are distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our raw materials are offered worldwide.

Technical qualification and dedication of more than 50 employees contribute to our positioning as modern provider of medical problem solutions. Doctors, pharmacies, patience and manufacturers of veterinary as well as cosmetic products count among our customers.