Associations, Organizations, Institutions & NGOs

Associations, Organizations, Institutions & NGO PR

Kinderhilfswerk Dritte Welt, Paulinchen, Kroschke Stiftung für Kinder, Finnisch-Deutsche Handelsgilde, Public Relations Global Network, Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Reaseach, OPERA – European Observatory on Pesticide Risc Analysis

PR for associations, institutions, societies and NGOs is very different from company PR. Associations are mostly made of merged companies, meaning that people pursuing very different interests find themselves stacked together. This is why working for associations can be such a sensitive –and political– task. Institutions, on the other hand, have an official character. In all cases, political and verbal finesse is crucial.

Associations and NGOs are often motivated by idealism, and are not as strictly organized as organizations and institutions. They typically have less financial possibilities available to invest in PR.

Association PR: political finesse is key

The Finnish-German Trade Guild in Hamburg is an association that nurtures relations between Finnish and German businesspeople in Hamburg. The website’s maintenance was one of our responsibilites; aside from that, we also worked on event management and contributed to the network’s overall development.

For the German Salt Industry Association, we dealt with road salt during winter road maintenance, and organized events on the topic.


Pro bono PR

Industrie-Contact has assisted the following societies, NGOs and foundations pro bono: the Children Charity Organization Third World (KHW), the Paulinchen Initiative for Young Burn Survivors and the Kroschke Foundation for Children. Our work for the KHW consisted in classic press work, website development, SEO and social media.


IC & PRGN – Networking Networks

Last but not least, we have worked on the maintenance of the PRGN (Public Relations Global Network) website and SEO for many years. We have also shown long-standing commitment to both the Marketing and Membership Committees.

We were especially honoured to have our executive Uwe Schmidt named President of the PRGN, which connects 50 partner agencies across the continents, from 2014 to 2015.

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