DPRG: Fee and trend barometer

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DPRG: Fee and trend barometer

DPRG sees positive trend for the PR industry

The Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e.V. (DPRG) sees a positive trend for the PR industry. Public relations continues to play an important role in the communication mix. This was the result of a survey of 482 PR experts from agencies, companies, associations and public institutions.

Content marketing and storytelling are seen as top trends by all respondents. 81.3 percent of agencies and 70.8 percent of companies, associations and institutions believe that content marketing and storytelling offer the greatest future potential for public relations, followed by integrated communication and social networking.

An important finding of the survey is that the importance of PR in relation to other communication disciplines should grow. More than 50 percent of respondents see this as the case. From the agency’s point of view, this may still be wishful thinking, but the participants from companies, associations and institutions also see it as such. To put it a little more cautiously, 40 percent of PR agencies and 33.7 percent of the other respondents are at least certain that public relations within the communication disciplines will maintain their position or will not lose ground.

Classic PR work far ahead of social media

Despite all the claims about the importance of social media, PR agencies’ clients primarily want traditional press work. The agencies state that 34.4 percent of the fee revenue is generated by classic media work, but only 7.1 percent for social media and digital relations. On the client side, 18.4 percent of the budget is invested in traditional media work and 4.5 percent in social media. The next largest item for the agencies is “Strategic consulting, concepts, analyses” with 18.7 percent. For customers, the next two largest budget items are in events (17.8%) and print publications (16.3%). The sectors with the highest fee income are information technology (14.4%), services (10.1%) and health care (9.1%).

SEO PR is an underestimated discipline

The search engine optimization (SEO) has little or no significance, as can be seen from the survey. Obviously, this area is more likely to be assigned to specialized agencies, but from a PR point of view, content optimization can make a big difference. Only few agencies have discovered the SEO PR as an opportunity to make a profit. Industrie-Contact in Hamburg is an exception.

We have been a member of the DPRG since 2002 and adhere to the German Communication Guidelines.


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