Ajambow - The sustainable group fitness and health innovation!

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Ajambow – The sustainable group fitness and health innovation!

Ajambow®: A revolution in the fitness industry

Ajambow® is more than just a training device – it is a holistic concept that revolutionizes both group and individual courses as well as training at home or in the office. With a water-filled bow, based on sound sports science principles, Ajambow® not only brings fun to the fitness sector, but can also trigger high health effects.

We are delighted to be working with our new customer on an exciting innovation in the fitness industry that not only makes training more effective, but also more fun. Ajambow GmbH is presenting itself to a wide audience for the first time at this year’s FIBO. The appearance at the world’s largest trade fair for fitness, wellness and health in Cologne marks the start of a joint collaboration.

Individual fitness training thanks to the use of water

The name is a combination of the word “Ajambo”, which means “rebirth” in the African native language Swahili, and the English word “Bow”. The idea behind Ajambow® is as simple as it is ingenious: the use of water in combination with specially developed movement sequences and African music creates a unique training experience. The training device is made of environmentally friendly Arboblend, a biologically based plastic. The water in the bow allows the intensity of the exercises to be individually adjusted, as the weight and flow speed vary depending on the amount of water.

As the water passes through different cross-sections of the bow at different speeds, it creates vibrations. In combination with the harmonious, rhythmic movements influenced by the African music, fitness and health goals are achieved with ease and lots of fun. Whether beginner or advanced – everyone can tailor their training to their own needs.

Who is Ajambow® suitable for?

Susan Schmidt and Simon Werner, the founders and co-developers of Ajambow®, emphasize: “Many women and obese people are afraid of conventional training weights. With Ajambow®, however, they can train without these fears and at the same time achieve positive effects on health deficits.” The weights also have a beneficial effect on the fascia and deep muscles and have been proven to reduce neck, shoulder and back pain. Some course participants even report the complete disappearance of this pain after regular participation in the Ajambow® course.

Another special feature of Ajambow® is its holistic approach. Not only the body is trained, but also the mind. The African music and choreography take participants on a mental adventure with a connection to the African wilderness, which creates a high level of inner motivation to keep going.

The IC team will support its new customer Ajambow® at FIBO 2024 and accompany the presentation of the device there. We are proud to be part of this new, holistic fitness concept and look forward to a successful collaboration.



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